In-Office Procedures

Our office has the appropriate infrastructure and equipment to perform minor surgeries, painlessly with local anesthesia, without the need for hospitalization.
We follow all the safety standards of disinfection as well as continuous daily sterilization as well as detailed instructions regarding the treatment of the injury, the medication, the diet that must be followed as well as the appointment of the re-examination.
It is worth noting that we ALWAYS remain at the disposal of the patient in the context of his smooth recovery and continuous monitoring.

Indicatively, we report some minor surgeries that we do every day on a regular and urgent basis in our office:
• Suture of head and neck injuries.
• Surgical cleaning of head and neck injuries.
• Opening and drainage of periamygdala abscesses
• Anterior / posterior occlusion in nosebleeds.
• Cauterization of nosebleeds.
• Removal of foreign bodies (nose / ear / larynx) in children and adults.