Pediatric ENT

Our office has the necessary equipment and knowledge to deal with the full range of ENT diseases that affect infants, children and adolescents.
We treat our young patients with great sensitivity so that they can be personalized with the doctor and the environment of the doctor’s office, so that we can have relationships of trust and cooperation with them as well as with their parents, in order to take optimal care of them.
Often emergencies that bring children to our office are:

• Injuries to the face, nose, lips, tongue from falls.
• Introduction of foreign bodies in the nose, ears, mouth.
• Nasal congestion (nosebleed) from injury to the finger or the introduction of a foreign body.
Other recurrent or persistent problems that afflict children and are addressed to a specialist ENT are:
• Acute otitis media: Infects the middle ear through the Eustachian tube.
Collecting pus in the middle ear cavity causes severe pain, sometimes causing rupture of the tympanic membrane with rupture of the tympanic membrane with concomitant otorrhea as well as fever.
• Secretory otitis media: due to poor ventilation of the middle ear through the Eustachian tube due to its incomplete growth, hypertrophy of adenoids (meats) etc.
Hearing loss is the main feature of this condition.

• Acute tonsillitis is a common condition related to viral and / or microbial infection of the tonsils. Symptoms include severe pharyngitis, malaise, high fever, malaise.
• Hypertrophy of adenoids, which are most often associated with tonsil hypertrophy, cause the child to snore, mouth to breathe, recurrent rhinitis and otitis, while in chronic conditions cause the “adenoid mask”.
• Decreased auditory acidity is usually the result of chronic secretory otitis.
• The blockage of the external auditory canal is usually due to a cell plug.
• Forgotten ears (Throwing ears)
Examination of the child by a specialist ENT allows a clear diagnosis as well as its specialized treatment.